About Kanion


Kanion Group is a flexible enterprise, with global values and deep understanding of the user experience of each different country.Our service team works in a 24/7 bases to cover the special needs of international clients.Kanion Products meet the specialized regulation set by different countries around the world, providing with products that meet the needs of different countries, from the below zero temperatures of North countries to the the hot and humid conditions of Tropical and near the Equator areas.Our product range covers all popular air conditioners applying to different needs, from window type air conditioners for small dormitories to heavy commercial type for Shopping Malls, Offices, Hotels and other public facilities.Our after sales service is 24/7 available for our clients for any need, from professional technical support to end end-customers’ needs.Our market analysis team provides us with all the necessary information to keep our position at the top of the international stage, incorporating immediately all the new technological advances and user experience facts, to our final products.